Restless No More

If you didn’t see on Twitter or FB, I ran the NYC Marathon a couple weeks ago. Everything went according to plan; my goal was to qualify for the Boston Marathon, which for my age group is a 3:10. I stuck to my game-plan and came in 3:09:46. Pix are here.

imageThe night after the marathon I laid in bed thrashing around with terrible restless legs (technically it was my arms that were bothering me, but the syndrome is called restless legs — same thing). I could not get to sleep even though I was naturally, incredibly tired. I figured that all that sweating meant my electrolytes might have been messed up, so I got up, took two Endurolytes, which are pills I’ve used in the past for the ultra-marathon and for really long runs, and went back to sleep easily.

As I was sending the link to my mom, who also has issues with restless legs, I noticed that Hammer, the company that makes them even includes this on the description:

Taking two or more Endurolytes before bed may help prevent night cramps and nighttime muscle twitching.

Since then, I’ve taken these at the first sign of RLS (restless legs) and it has been 100% effective. Previously, I had to stop drinking red wine because it consistently gave me trouble, but even there, if I pop a couple of these I can sleep fine.

If you haven’t dealt with this, it is hard to appreciate how annoying this issue is and I’m so, so glad to have finally found a cure. My mom is now also successfully using these too.

And the best part, and why I feel so comfortable recommending it to people is that it is not “medicine” it is just minerals, and mainly salt. Just tiny rocks really. 


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