the aristocrats

Directly from MetaFilter:

South Park does the “Aristocrats” joke. (WARNING! Windows Media file, very very not safe for work.) “The Aristocrats” is a long-lived comedians’ in-joke–or, rather, an extraordinarily filthy joke that’s not really a joke. (Gilbert Gottfried knocked ’em dead with it shortly after 9/11.) Now it’s going public (sort of): Penn Jillette and Paul Provenza are making a movie featuring over 100 comedians telling their own versions. The South Park version linked above is “not even in the top 5 for dirtiest.” Yikes!

Comments: The first link video is safe for work, its just the south park gang, the audio is definitely headphone only material.

I guess the whole thing is just a comedian’s competition on who can come up with the filthiest/funniest version of the bit between the setup and the punchline. The punchline not being funny at all.

I find that I use a humor compatibility test using certain things from movies and TV shows. For example, I think the funniest part of the clip is Cartman doing the “hold on Kyle’s” in the middle of the story.



  1. it is not "hold on Kyle’s", as hold onto part of Kyle, it is

    "hold on Kyle"s as in that phrase is repeated.

  2. Yeah, no other developed industrial nation tells dirty jokes. We are all doomed people! Get out the bleach and scrub brushes to cleanse the dirty jokes. Reader’s Digest is the new standard bearer for humor!

    Forget the war, the soldiers dying, forget the torture, forget our rights being taken away, forget the deficiet, forget social security, only focus on some dirty joke.

  3. We must have our own ayatollahs to tell us clean from dirty, pure from impure, and of course, when to have a goddamned abortion.

    Massachusetts has a utah republican for governor. it’s already f#cked!

  4. Apparently we’ve been in the midst of our Roman Fall since Vaudeville (1870-1920) … which is when the joke first first started making its rounds. I’m sure filthy jokes didn’t exsist before that time though. Damn comedy to hell.

  5. This joke becomes even funnier when one sees the hilarious "end of the world" reactions from the very red-staters that South Park makes fun of. Apparently they really do exist out there!

  6. Are you guys being serious? That’s ridiculous.

    This is clearly hilarious.

    "Fall of Rome"? You’re unbeleiveable. Get a grip.

  7. Yes – seriously- grips are needed- just live your lives free of comedy but away from me and we’ll both be fine and dandy!


    The joke is something of a game in which those who tell it try to top each other in terms of shock value.

    Traditionally, the description is crude, tasteless, ribald, and often scatological.

    While most tellings follow one of a few basic forms, the description of the act is meant to be an ad lib.

    It should be as far beyond the boundaries of propriety as the comedian can muster. Incest, pedophilia, scatology and bestiality are common themes.

    The final line may simply be seen as the end of a rather bawdy joke rather than a punchline.

    So if the person isnt funny the joke wont be. Eevrything in the middle is suppose to be the funny part.

  9. without a doubt the most rediculous thing i have ever heard in my life. I think the whole thing is absolutely hilarious. They should have never put the 9/11 part in there. I believe that is very unpatriotic to make fun of the buildings crashing and thousands of people dying. A national tragedy is not to be made fun of.

    Other than that its absolutely great.

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