I’ve been using Audioscrobbler for a while now to suit my OCD music telemetry needs. It works as a plugin to whatever media player you use, Winamp 5 for me, and uploads every song you listen to for analysis at their site. They offer a host of features like creating a network of like users for you to browse and hopefully pick up new artists and such.

You can browse my history here – and always on the left nav link under Music + (what I’m listening to right now).

Now of course with the massive amount of data available they put together a top 100 list – but see the difference here is this is the top 100 songs people actually listened to. Not what they bought or what they called into Carson Daly to request. Granted, these are internet savvy people listening on their computer who are willing to let the world know how much they love Abba so they don’t represent the total population but still very valuable data.

Check out this week’s top 15 artists: 1. Radiohead 2. Metallica 3. Nirvana 4. The Beatles 5. Modest Mouse 6. Red Hot Chili Peppers 7. Linkin Park 8. Beastie Boys 9. Muse 10. Coldplay 11. Pink Floyd 12. The Cure  13. Weezer 14. Incubus 15. Franz Ferdinand

The top two tracks: 1. Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out 2. Modest Mouse – Float On

Note Modest Mouse’s success here. I’m a big fan of theirs but how many people have even heard of them, let alone would guess they would be the #5 played artist.

More charts are available here: Rising and falling tracks, artists + Top 100 Tracks + Top 100 Artists



  1. oh please, i’m sure you strictly monitor what you listen too knowing everyone will find out! kind of like how my musical tastes automatically change when i take the top down in the jeep, hehe.

  2. I really don’t think I alter what I listen to in general. I will use this comment to admit to only one thing – that I keep a folder on my work PC that I tell audioscrobbler to ignore and I have a couple pop singles (cough.. toxic) which I didn’t want to skew my results on the top songs category.

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