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Global-travel-packing is mentally exhausting. I ask myself “What will I want to have with me, read, listen to, wear, etc for the next two weeks?” A tremendous amount of predictive thought exercise ensues which is taxing on the brain “What if.. what if.. what if”

How will I know what I am going to want to listen to next week? These digital music days mean I’ve grown accustomed to having huge libraries of music available to me at all times. My ultra-portable laptop (Dell C400) just doesn’t have the HD storage to lug it all with me. I have to preemptively DJ my trip which I don’t like at all. Now listening (Roots, The Tipping Point)

The good news on the computing side is that I’ve gotten very good at synchronizing my data on my primary devices (work PC, home PC, Laptop, Smartphone). And what I don’t synchronize I have ready access to via VPN + remote desktop.

I have a variety of posts in my blogjet queue to go, but I’ve landed in Hong Kong, which is starting to feel not-so-foreign anymore which means I spend entirely too much time here.


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