Yankees-Sox games 4,5,6 were all “watched” online play-by-play. On the morning of game 7 (Hong Kong = 12 hr time difference) I was fortunate to have timed my flight home that afternoon so I packed and watched from my hotel.

At first I found the game on a Japanese station and that meant only one thing. Matsui. When the ball was not in play the camera man only had one job. What is Matsui up to? Matsui in the dugout. Matsui warming up in the outfield. Matsui picking his nose.

I flipped around and managed to find the ESPN-international channel and watched the rest of the game in English. I made the limo wait until the game was truly over. Lord knows us Red Sox fans were not counting any chickens until after the last out. The daily show had a bit last night about Red Sox fans being “cautiously optimistic” that things were going to work out. Somehow the Yankees would have the game overturned, etc.


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