hell to the naw

We had our fantasy football draft yesterday. I didn’t really get into the proper mental state/flow until the end when it didn’t matter as much.

I just christened my team “Whitney’s” “Hell to the naw”.

See over on this site Four Four, he pretty much does a detailed rundown of the Whitney and Bobby Brown reality show every week and while I haven’t actually seen the show, I’ve grown to love it via a serial blog recounting it for me.

Anyway, I guess Whitney says “Hell to the no” or “Hell to the naw” all the time, which is terrific and now stands for “You think your team is going to beat me this week, hell to the naw”



  1. Whitney is not the only one who uses this phrase.

    On The Martha Stewart Show that aired Nov 23, Patty LaBelle was Martha’s guest. Patty explained she had the desire to take over Martha’s throne when Martha went to jail, but upon finding out that Martha would be coming back, Patty’s reaction to her own unrealized dream was "hell to the naw."

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