shake shack

BurgerYou know for all the people in line, I would have expected more friends to have heard about it.

I’m speaking of Shake Shack. Located in the Southeast corner of Madison Square Park (23rd & Madison), Manhattan.

Since my girlfriend Emily picked up a bizzare physical affliction to hamburgers (not steak, not turkey burgers), suspiciously around the time we visited India and she is out of town this week, I decided that I could use the opportunity to try out the hamburger place I had read on A Hamburger Today as being better than In-N-Out, which we all know is impossible, but still to be used in the same sentence is saying something.

I went on Saturday night at around 7pm by myself (no teasing). I waited around 30 minutes in line to order and about another 10 to pick up my burger, I ordered the namesake Shack burger which comes with lettuce tomato and a secret very-light-horseraddishy-mayo kindof sauce. I need to go back another time to try the fries or some of the supposedly good custard style ice cream.

Easily cracked my top 4 lifetime hamburgers. Super-good. Recommended.



  1. What about the shakes? It is called the Shake Shack not the Burger Shack. But I bet the shakes there are nowhere near as good as the shakes at McDonalds.

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