zero rss bounce

Going away to summercamp for 4 days two weeks ago put me behind a 2500+ RSS item backlog that I still haven’t caught up with. There’s some question of whether this onslaught of information is worth the time it takes to wade through it, but every single time I sit down and go, “OK, I’m just going to scan headlines and be quick with the Ctrl-Q mark-as-reads” I find some jaw dropingly great nugget of information that I feel fortunate to have the means (time, knowledge, experience) to find.

My current system has my feeds divided into three categories with corresponding Outlook 2003 search folders: RSS.Scan, RSS.ScanTextAndPix, RSS.ReadEveryWord. 80% of my feeds are in the second category, I click on the item, scan the pictures first and scan the text of the article. I probably read 60% of the text on average.

Anyway, I’m down to 149 posts and I think I might achieve a zero unread bounce tonight. Once I get to this stage I’ll be much, much more apt to post here.


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