biggest loser is back

BiggestloserThe Biggest Loser is back for season 2.

I can’t wait until tearful wife/husband reunion time. While it seems cruel at first to keep someone out of contact with their families for five weeks, it is worth it the greater good of TV entertainment.

Semi-seriously, the main reason I like this show is that it is inspiring by virtue of the reality stars themselves. The show does some amount of over-producing TV moments, but really, if someone can lose 28 pounds in one week, that’s pretty incredible, no matter how you slice it. I don’t need to be dropping that kind of poundage, but I could put more effort and time into my workouts and this silly show does just that little bit to get me motivated.


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  1. I like the show i do agree some of it is unrealistic but more power to them if they can lose weight that way go for it . The end results of some of these players is great.I will continue to watch.


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