dirt trackin’ and brisket

Spent the weekend in Charlotte, NC, tagging along with Emily, Jon and Shin-Pei for the genesis of a project on young stock car drivers.

Here are two of the subjects, a twelve year old dirt-track’r on the left and sixteen year old Chase Austin on the right.

 Stephanie_Chase Garage6_[from Emily’s flickr stream]

Ate way too much BBQ, including Mac’s Speed Shop, which was excellent. If you are looking for (here you go Google) “Good BBQ in Charlotte, NC”, give it a go.

Local food-language usage tip:

(At a BBQ cart at a street faire)
Shin-Pei: What comes on the BBQ plate?
Server: Well, let’s see, cole slaw, baked beans, barbecue

Barbecue = pulled pork; that part is assumed.



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