spam update

I mentioned the spam attack a few posts ago and I thought I would send a quick update on the status.

All is calm and working normally.

Here’s the step among many that made the biggest difference:

  1. I imported my SMTP logs into MS Access for analysis (too many records for Excel to handle)
  2. Created a query that filtered by sc-status, searching for 550 which corresponds to a relay attempt (201,759 of those!)
  3. Designed another query based on the first one that does a count(ip-address) and groups by ip also. This gave me my top offending IP addresses
  4. Ran the top 20 offenders through the spam database lookup aggregator at, for instance: and compiled a list of matching blocking list providers and looked for commonalities. Figured out that the CBL, the Composite Blocking List had almost all of my offenders listed.
  5. So I added their query zone,, to my Exchange server and bingo, 90% of my attacks were thwarted right off the bat.

I know this isn’t the most exciting reading, but this just worked so well I had to share it in the hopes that it helps others.


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