This corporate issue laptop of mine is infuriating me on this west coast trip. On battery it operates at 0.8 gHz. There is only 384 MB of memory. I get less than an hour of battery life and startup time is nearly five minutes.

My capacity for complaining is tempered by the fact that I am a beta user for the corporate EVDO network.

This thing runs on Sprint’s data network and the coverage has been excellent when around urban areas and decent in other places. I’ve gotten pretty good at optimizing my usage on this crappy laptop anyway, so along with that I’m not too dependent on high speed net access.

Last week’s conference WiFi was pathetic, this week’s conference WiFi is decent, but spotty. I am the guy everyone around me asks “hey man, is your wireless working?”

BTW, if you have one of these things, the position of the antenna has exactly zero impact on the signal strength as far as I can tell and just seems to be a device meant to meant to make the user feel like they are really really wireless.


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