san fran trip recap

conference badges

Wanted to say that I’m back in NYC and that the San Francisco trip was a big success.

It felt like five trips in one, which it was. I attended two conferences, the Future of Web Apps ’06 and BEA World. We camped and hiked in Big Sur — yes, we packed a suitcase with sleeping bags and a tent. We hit up wine country for about an hour near sunset, found a sweet looking villa style place off the main road, did the three Pinot sampler, in-and-out. Oh and speaking of In-and-Out, we definitely did that. I had lunch with Chrissy from There is a Small Blog Here.

We haven’t launch our new product yet, but we are ramping up big-time. In fact we are looking for full time developers and designers now. I’ll post full job listings later, but if you are interested in getting involved do let me know.

Emily has some pictures up on her Experience site, and when I have a spare minute at home I’ll process some RAW images and post them on Flickr.

<technical note>I have all kinds of FolderShare action happening between work and home, but since Emily’s Canon 5D shoots ~12 megabyte RAW images and she takes a lot of them, I don’t sync those folders directly. I have to wait until she goes through them and, does and edit and saves them as jpegs. I then manually sync the RAW photos later using DVDRs or my iPod’s HD as a shuttle. This works fine for most things, but it does mean that I don’t get to blog images as quickly or fully as I’d like when the trip is done. Need that FiOS — get on it Verizon.

Hey, I just figured out one really nice option for this besides brute force uploading. The new Picassa 2.5 has a remote desktop low-color mode and supports RAW images, so I can browse quickly using that and make my blog selections. </technical note>

This was taken on this beach. [Google Maps satellite image]


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